Technical Difficulties

Well, apparently our computer left it’s Wifi capabilities in Kenya where all the elephants can enjoy it. This is a slight disadvantage for me who can’t really do much on the blog or on my research paper without it. Therefore, the reason for my absence lately. Plus…I am not super techy so I just today realized I could make posts from our iPad ( I know…I should have thought about that awhile ago).
Anyway, a short recap of maybe the entire month of October, it has been amazing! Our safari to Kenya was literally a once-in-a-lifetime trip with my wonderful in-laws! We got to see soo many animals in varying ecosystems…it was amazing! I actually didn’t have very high expectations for the trip. I think I was afraid that it would be too commercialized and a huge glorified zoo or something (obviously didn’t do much research). Therefore, I literally was blown away by the ability we had to come up close and personal (in the safety of our Land Cruiser) to all of the diverse African wildlife. Truly amazing! Everyone should go :)

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