Minutes of March: Downton Abbey finale and Being sick

Well, our Downton Abbey watch party ended last night with a bang! Brad hosted and made an amazing meal of stuffed chicken, rice, broccoli, and salad! He plated the meals like a pro as well! Very impressive! The season finale was definitely not as suspenseful as last years but still really good. I think we may all go through withdrawal at this point until the next season comes out.
After the wonderful watch party last night, today started off with a fever and aches and extreme sinus issues! I am still hoping that it is just a really bad sinus infection (thank you, Middle East sandstorms) and not anything else. After spending the entire day on the couch sleeping, I am feeling a bit better. Hopefully the trend of improvement continues! Matt has planned a surprise birthday trip to Oman for me this weekend and I would really like to enjoy it!
Btw..does anybody else get really irritated when they get sick during inopportune times?? Today would have been one of those times! I had plans to meet up with one of my friends for my birthday and celebrate which I was really sad to miss. Plus I just like to celebrate birthdays as much as possible and it is definitely putting a damper on the festivities. (Not that there were any planned but if there were..it would be putting a damper on them!) Anyway, Lord willing, I will be feeling much better by my birthday and be able to enjoy our trip!


Date Night

I really like date night with the hubby! I don’t know what it is about eating out at a restaurant that opens up the conversation but it works. It may be that we both aren’t thinking of what we need to do next or me being tired after working to get dinner on the table at a decent time. Whatever the reason..I love date nights :) Especially when they end with ice cream (If you haven’t tried Haagan Daz’s salted caramel…you should! Deelicious!!


I have accepted a subbing job in a kindergarten class for a week and today was my first day. I learned today that girl bullies start at a very young age! I think there is a group of girls in the class that is way worse than any 4th or 5th graders that I have ever had. I was shocked and dismayed…why is it starting so young?!? It was definitely something that stuck with me from my day and just thought I would share. Have any of you ever seen small children act that way?


The last couple of evenings have been filled with great friends and wonderful memories! It is so nice to be able to have a “built-in” family of friends through Matt’s work. One of friends hosted a BBQ party last night that was amazing! Then tonight we had another Downton Abbey watch party! (Just two more episodes to go!! Can not wait to find out what Bates does!) It really has been so nice to party it up with good friends but it is a good reminder that I am old and need my sleep! :)


Minutes of March: Doha Downton Fans

So a few of our friends that are Downton Abbey enthusiasts got together to start watching Season 4 and let me tell you…INTENSE!! We started late so we were going to stop after 2 episodes but decided we could do one more. Well, the 3rd episode was SO intense and sad; we HAD to watch another episode to end on a positive note! How can one series be SO good?? Already can’t wait until our next watch party to see what is going to happen!!